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Crystal Attraction (2022)

Screenshot 2023-09-23 at 4.24_edited.jpg

This student short film is about a university student who finds her luck down on love. She starts researching crystals and their magical properties, and her life changes.

My goal for the music in this film was to keep you in the real world but with a hint of  magic. I played with sounds that reminded me of witches, fairies, and spells, using instruments like the harp, celesta, and bells. 

The Landing (2022)

Screenshot 2023-09-23 at 4.22_edited.jpg

A teenage boy navigates the overwhelming emotions that come from a broken family dynamic. 

I composed a piece for this film that accentuates the boy's experience when he reads that his dad does not have time to see him that day, using guitar, piano, and electronic sounds.

I've Got a Thing for Blondes (2021)

This rom-com needed a range of music, from quirky magic and vampire sounds to comedic jokes to emotional scenes of desperate romance, because we're dealing with a university student who's a vampire.

I used a waltz as the main theme of this film, and used variations of it for different moments. I mainly used strings with hints of woodwinds and piano.

Anastasia (2021)

This emotional drama follows a young woman about to start uni and her relationship with her mother, who has very strict religious beliefs.

With many talks and stressful moments in this film, I wanted to make music that conveyed these deep emotions we sometimes feel when facing difficult relationships.

I mainly used guitar and piano for this score.

Reflection (2020)

This was my first hired short film, about our world in the future without doing anything to help the environment and the inward reflection we need to change it.

The film is an animation, and I wanted to give it a heavy sound with desperation, urgency, and eventually, hope.

I used a viola and electronic instruments.

My passion it to work with people who are creative, want to tell stories, and create new worlds where people can be transported, learn something, and feel seen.

If you have a project that your passionate about and need music for, I would be happy to work with you on bringing it to life with that final step - music.

Click the button below to contact me and we can get started on it!


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